Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Post #8

For this blog post we were instructed to find 21st century learning and communicating tools. Our goal is to be a lifelong learner, so why not start preparing sources to learn from? Since I began taking EDM310 my search for education information has taken me to one site many times. This site is called Edutopia. This one site holds SO MUCH information. It is for teachers of all grades. You can search for topics relevant only to your grade or you can search the entire site. This site is made possible by The George Lucas Educational Foundation. You can become a member and get free email newsletters. The first thing I did today was sign up for an account! I am excited to begin receiving weekly information and tips about teaching and learning. Edutopia has articles ranging from Project Based Learning to Integrating technology to Social and Emotional Learning. You can research schools that have used techniques and see how they work!

One of my favorite things about Edutopia is how you have access to so many blogs. You can go to the Blogs tab and then have access to many different topics. Each topic will lead you to blog posts that are centered around that topic. This is a great way to build up your PLN. You can follow blogs that interest you or pertain to what you are learning in school right now. This website will definitely be something I reference for the rest of my education and life as an educator.

This website is so extensive and can take you so far. It connects you with thousands of other educators. You can get ideas and also share with others. You can follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, and add them on Facebook. I am positive this is one of the best sites for gaining new information and insights. I recommend you go check it out if you have not before. Sign up for the newsletter! It is certain to keep bringing you information for your lifelong learning career!

 Edutopia Logo


  1. Your love for this tool is very strong and powerful. The information you provided about Edutopia has really made me WANT to check it out.. Speaking of which..I will do it now! Thank you for the useful tip! Good work!

  2. Edutopia is a great site. Also check out by Buck Institute for many more resources to use to implement PBL in your classroom.