Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog Post #10

For this blog post we were assigned to watch Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk, Bring on the Learning Revolution. He points out that so far in education we are all on a linear tract. We start here and end there. We send our kids to kindergarten and we do so, so that they will end up in college. Sir Ken also compared education to fast food. Food is either standardized, like fast food, or it is customized. We have built our education like fast food. We are doing to our school systems what fast food does to a body. We are depleting it. It is time for a revolution! It is time that we customize how we teach our children. Children are not all the same. The way educators teach should not be all the same. Each school should operate in a way that would help them to flourish. I think this video is so relevant to what we are learning in EDM310. The amount of technology we have is growing by the minute. Children will not know a world with no technology. It is time we revolutionize the way we teach to where technology is included. Students who are not introduced to technology will not succeed as easily without it. Let's have a revolution to a customized way of teaching! We can use technology to do so.


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  1. The word "kindergarten" does not need to be capitalized.