Sunday, April 27, 2014

C4T #4

For my last C4T Assignment I read and commented on Daniel Edwards' blog, Learning and Innovation. Daniel is the Director of Digital Strategy at the Stephen Perse Foundation schools. The first blog post I read and commented on was Pedagogy First- Technology.... This blog post points out how increasingly important technology is today. Before we jump into a world of technology we must learn to teach with technology. If not used correctly we will only hinder our students with technology. I commented telling him who I was and why I was there. I agreed with him saying that now is such an exciting time in education. Teachers might have a hard time switching from pen and paper to a tablet. This is why it is so important that educators be educated on how to teach with technology. It is time that educators learn how to effectively use technology and learning will be amplified!
 Apple and worm
The next post I read and commented on was Top 10 Apps in an Established 1:1 iPad School. He listed the top 10 apps that will benefit students and teachers alike. One app he mentioned was Explain Everything. It is a digital whiteboard and screen casting tool. You can annotate pictures, animate, and narrate presentations. He says it is a "must have" app. Another one that stuck out to me was iMovie. We use it so much in this class and it is so great to see that other think it is super important as well! I commented telling him about the apps that stuck out most to me.

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