Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Post #12

I guess I had not really thought much about teaching vision and hearing impaired children. Once I watched Assistive Technologies for Vision and Hearing Impaired Children my eyes were opened to all of the hardships and possibilities. This video shows how students with disabilities can overcome obstacles to help them learn. We have the technology to push boundaries and open a new world to these students. The video asks if we as educators will knock down walls and build others that ALL students can climb. The answer is YES!

Another video I watched was iPad Usage For The Blind. As they run their finger across the screen, the iPad reads the names aloud. They can double click on the place they want to go. It can read books to them and describes the pictures in detail. This video got me ready to learn all of the ways we can teach our vision and hearing impaired children.

Blind student using iPad

I started searching for assistive technologies and I found a great article at Great Schools. The article mostly explains what assistive technology is but the best part is the links that it provides to other websites. One link leads you to electronic math worksheets. Another leads to a program with talking calculators. This article also provides assistive technology tools to help with listening, math, memory, reading, and writing.

Assistive Technology

With the help of assistive technology, the sky is the limit for learning. All students can now have the opportunity to learn. We can enhance learning and success with new technology. I hope that the knowledge we have only continues to grow so that hearing and vision impaired students can learn like never before.

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  1. This blog post opened my eyes too. I really like the iPad use for the blind because it allows the students to be able to learn on their own and also communicate with the teacher. Great post.